• Roman Rytov

    Roman Rytov

  • Mark Choi

    Mark Choi

  • Dima Svetov

    Dima Svetov

    Engineering Manager

  • Yoav Ganbar

    Yoav Ganbar

    Father. JavaScript enthusiast. I Love React, Node.js, and web development. Currently: Tech Lead & SW Architect @ Fiverr Previously: Capitolis, Culture Trip.

  • Siavash Mahmoudian

    Siavash Mahmoudian

    Co-founder of Tribe, community builder, web developer, AI lover.

  • Jeremy Epstein

    Jeremy Epstein

    When not drawing or being a dad, I help make the software parts of products better - first as a UX person, lately as a product manager.

  • Evyatar Sagie

    Evyatar Sagie

  • Nir Arazi

    Nir Arazi

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